A Modern Day Exorcist Interviewed


Jeffrey Seelman is an internationally recognized professional psychic, exorcist and teacher, specializing in the clearing of individuals, homes, businesses, and psychic protection. Jeffrey is also an expert on hauntings in homes and businesses, psychic ability, good ghosts such as spirit guides, curses, demonic possession, evil spirits, and the relationship between emotional energies and violence.

Jeffrey is on the faculty of International Metaphysical University, where he teaches the art of psychic protection.  Born with psychic abilities, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Jeffrey uses his psychic skills to release negative emotional energies, banish negative and demonic spirits from individuals, homes, and businesses, dispel myths about the spirit world, and teach us how to protect ourselves and our property from the effects of negative emotional energy, negative and demonic spirits.

Jeffrey has appeared on the E! Entertainment Television Documentary “13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses”.  He has been a guest on “Coast to Coast”, has been written about in Russia’s “Pravda Online”, (his interview became the number one read article in Pravda, June 3-10, 2007), appeared on Sy-Fy Channel’s “Sightings”, where he successfully performed an exorcism on a home for the television cameras, as well as many other television and radio appearances since 1992.

Jeffrey hosts Starclear Radio on Saturday afternoons on the Para-X Radio Network, and a (radio show in 15 minutes or less) on blogtalk. Currently, Jeffrey is writing a book entitled: Psychic Protection, Home and Business Clearing.


How To Scry With A Mirror


Working with Mirrors in Magic and Psychic Development

 By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

 c. Visionary Living, Inc.

 Mirrors are one of the simplest and yet most effective tools for developing psychic skills for divination and magic. Mirror work trains the inner eye to perceive the unseen. By doing the exercises in this article, you can sharpen your psychic skills.

History and folklore of mirrors

The power of mirrors – or any reflective surface – to reveal what is hidden has been known since ancient times. Gazing upon shiny surfaces is one of the oldest forms of scrying, a method of divination practiced by the early Egyptians, Arabs, the Magi of Persia, Greeks and Romans. In ancient Greece, the witches of Thessaly reputedly wrote their oracles in human blood upon mirrors. The Thessalian witches are supposed to have taught Pythagoras how to divine by holding a magic mirror up to the moon. Romans who were skilled in mirror reading were called specularii.

Throughout history, mirror gazing, or scrying, has been used to look into the future, answer questions, solve problems, find lost objects and people, and identify or find thieves and criminals.

“Scrying” comes from the English word descry, which means “to succeed in discerning” or “to make out dimly.” The tool of scryers, called a speculum, can be any object with a reflective surface. Scryers stare into the reflective surface until they are in light trances, and they see visions or otherwise “know” the unseen.

The oldest and most common speculum is still water in a lake, pond or dark bowl. Ink, blood and other dark liquids were used by Egyptian scryers. Medieval European adepts used mirrors, bowls of water, polished stones and crystals. Nostradamus scryed with a bowl of water set upon a brass tripod. The inside of the bowl was painted black. He would dip a wand into the water and anoint himself with a few drops, then gaze into the bowl until he saw visions.

Other specula are glass fishing floats, polished metals and stones, crystal balls and precious gems. John Dee, the royal magician to Queen Elizabeth I, used a crystal egg and a black obsidian mirror; his mirror is on exhibit today at the British Museum in London. Early Arab scryers used their own polished thumbnails.

In folklore, mirrors have a dark power – they are held to be a soul stealer. A widespread folk belief calls for turning over the mirrors in a house when someone dies. If a dead person sees himself in a mirror, his soul will become lost or have no rest, or he will become a vampire. The power of mirrors to suck out souls is illustrated in the Greek myth of Narcissus, who sees his reflection in water and then pines and dies.

In Russian folklore, mirrors are the invention of the devil because they have the power to draw souls out of bodies. In other lore, seeing a corpse reflected in a mirror puts the living at risk for having one’s soul carried off by the ghost of the dead. Seeing one’s own reflection in a mirror in a room where someone has died means one’s own impending death.

Folklore also has it that mirrors should be removed from a sick room because the soul is more vulnerable in times of illness. It is considered unlucky for the sick to see their reflections, which puts them at risk of dying. Breaking a mirror is bad luck; since it holds the soul, a broken mirror will damage the soul.

It is also considered unlucky to look into a mirror at night or by candlelight, for one will see ghosts, the devil or a portent of one’s own death. In Persian lore, ghosts may be seen in a mirror by standing in front of it and combing the hair without thinking, speaking or moving.

The inability of vampires to cast a reflection in mirrors, and their desire to avoid them, is an invention of fiction, and is attributed first to Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel, Dracula.  Count Dracula avoids mirrors, calling them objects of human vanity. Jonathan Harker notices that there are no mirrors in the count’s castle, and he accidentally observes that Dracula casts no reflection in his mirror while he shaves. The count, seeing Harker watching, breaks the mirror. Later in Stoker’s novel, Professor Abraham Van Hesling forces un pleasant confrontation with the count by shoving a mirror in front of him; the vampire recoils violently.

Stoker was aware of superstitions about mirrors and adapted them to suit his fictional purposes. Dracula, as a soulless creature, also casts no shadow and cannot be painted or photographed; his likeness cannot be captured.

 Psychic development exercises

 It’s good to know the history and lore of mirrors. When properly used in the spirit of the highest good, mirrors are a great magical aid, not something to be feared. Inner eye exercises with mirrors are easy and can be done on your own. The following exercises will help strengthen your third eye faculty. Do the exercises in dim light, which will keep you mentally alert.

Do not try to anticipate or force results. Do not worry if nothing seems to happen immediately. You may get your intuitive flashes later.

Prepare yourself as you do for all magical work: set your sacred space and invoke the desired spiritual presences.

Exercise #1: Faces in the Mirror

In a dimly lit room, sit in front of a mirror. Center yourself and use your breath to relax the body and expand your energy field into the space around you. If you visualise the breath as light flowing down through the top of your head and out through the soles of your feet, you will be open to higher planes and grounded to the earth.

As your eyes adjust to the light, regard yourself in the mirror. Focus on your face. Observe as much detail as possible–the contour and shape of your features, the angles of the face, the way your hair falls on the skin, and so on. Be detached, not judgmental. This is not an assessment of what you like or don’t like, but a neutral observation of what is. In the dim light, your features will not be sharp and clear. Just observe.

Then pull back your perspective from detail to the whole. Look at your whole face. Hold the gaze as long as possible. When the image begins to blur, allow it to do so. If your thoughts wander, refocus on your face. Become aware of your breath. Continue the focus.

At some point, your awareness will shift. It may be sudden and marked, or it may be subtle and steal upon you. Your face may begin to change in the mirror, altering in shape or features. In fact, you may look completely different. The mirror may reveal hidden aspects of yourself. It may show the faces of the people you were in past lives.

You may see other visions in the mirror, such as scenes, people and objects. You are likely to see these better with your averted or peripheral vision. The visions may appear to the inner eye only. Information, or an awareness, may come along with these visions that will help you to understand why they are being shown to you. Take mental notes.

You may see nothing in the mirror except your normal reflection, but instead have a flood of intuitive thoughts, inspirations, ideas or knowledge. You may hear things distinctly with the inner voice, which may sound audible.

You will intuitively know when you are ready to stop the exercise. You will feel “full” or you will be tired. Re-center and ground yourself by focusing on your breath flowing through your body and out the soles of your feet into the earth. Then record your experience in your magical journal or book of shadows.

Exercise #2: Third Eye Gazing

Sit comfortably in front of a small mirror. You can position a little mirror on a table top or dresser, or hang a small mirror on a wall at eye level. Dim the lights in the room. Relax and center.

Look into the mirror and focus your attention on the third eye, the spot in the forehead that is in the center of, and slightly above, the brows. Imagine a diamond of light there. Become aware of your breath, and feel the breath pulsing as energy through the third eye. Let thoughts dissolve.

Maintain the focus for as long as you can. The diamond of light may change shape or grow in size. Be aware of other imagery that may appear around you, or intuitive thoughts or words.

When you are ready to stop, recenter and ground yourself with the breath. Record your experience.

Exercise #3: Scrying for Answers

Now that you’ve practiced seeing with the inner eye in mirrors, try your expanding psychic ability on specifics, such as getting answers to questions and seeing into the future. Compose a question such as “Will I…” “Should I…” “Will Plan A be a success?” and so on. You can also ask questions about timing: “When should I…” Be very clear with yourself. If you’re uncertain what to ask, your answers will be vague.

Choose either the method in either Exercise #1 or Exercise #2. After you have settled in front of the mirror and relaxed, ask the question. Then focus your attention on the mirror. Keep the question foremost in your mind. Repeat it several times silently.

What response do you get? What doe you experience in images, thoughts, sounds and feelings? When you have the answer, you will get a distinct signal, such as an aha! feeling, a tingling of the skin, or a warm feeling in the abdomen.

If you receive no answer while gazing into the mirror, remain confident that it will come at the appropriate moment.

Record your experience.

For a variation of this exercise, try another scrying tool. Polished stones, crystal balls, witch balls, and silver bowls or trays all serve nicely. Copy Nostradamus by painting the inside of a small bowl black and fill it with water. Gaze into it. A mirror with its back side painted black will do the same job and is more convenient to carry and store.

You may find you get the best results if you look at the shiny surface at an angle so that you cannot see your own reflection. This leaves an open space for visions to appear.

Exercise #4: Mirror of the Future

You can ask the mirror to show you the future.

Follow the steps for Exercise #1 or Exercise #2. As you gaze into the mirror, say, “Mirror, by the power of Alkahest, make the future manifest” or “Mirror, by the power of Alkahest, make the future of ______ manifest.” Keep gazing into the depths of the mirror as you repeat the incantation.

“Alkahest” is a term coined by the adept Paracelsus for the “universal solvent” in alchemical transmutation. Alkahest has many complexities in alchemy. In its simplest use in an incantation, it clears away fog and obstruction.

The mirror may respond with visual images, or you may receive a “knowing” within. Record your experience. Note any dates or time periods that you can check later against the accuracy of what you are given. Remember that divination sees a probable or possible future that is the outcome of forces presently in motion. Make sure you are not projecting your own wishes into your experience.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable in a mirror-gazing experience, then stop. You may simply be tired or not in the right frame of mind. But if discomfort continues, it is important to find out why. If you fear what the mirror might reveal, you should not work with mirrors. Doubts and negative energy must be cleared, or work will not be productive. Consult your spiritual teacher as needed.

Review your notes periodically to look for patterns of what works best and least for you, so that you can continue to improve your skills.

### _________

Adapted from Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s books Breakthrough Intuition, published by Berkley Books, 2001; The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, published by Facts On File, 1999; and The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters, published by Facts On File, 2004.

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Dowsing With Your Pendulum

There are thousands of ways to use dowsing. Here are many practical applications to get you started:

  • Dowsing for Health & Well-Being
    Easy access to the subconscious mind
    Clear emotional issues and limiting beliefs
    Vitamin selection
    Check physical health status
    Find the location of imbalances in physical or subtle bodies
    Determine types and severity of imbalance
    Choose a doctor
    Choose a dentist
    Choose other types of health practitioners
    Select most effective treatment option
    Select most effective medication & dosage
    Balance/improve physical health condition
    Measure auras
    Balance subtle bodies & chakra system
    Clear psychic attachments that may be affecting health (negative thought forms,
    imprints, entities, psychic attack, other)
  • Dowsing & Relationships
    Check compatibility of potential partners (romantic, business, other)
    Clear emotional issues affecting relationships
    Clear environmental energies affecting relationships
    Disconnect chakra links and other psychic cords
    Improve harmony among family members
    Improve harmony in neighborhood
    Improve harmony in work environment
    Raise the level of cooperation in an environment
    Verify truthfulness
  • Dowsing & Plants
    Talk with your plants
    Determine best time to plant
    Determine best type of plant for a certain area
    Determine best placement/orientation of plant
    Determine nutritional needs of plant
    Determine best way to prune tree/bush
    Determine cause of plant’s distress or cause of death
    Determine best treatment if plant is sick
    Boost crop yields
    Remove pests from environment (gophers, bugs, etc.)
  • Dowsing for Water, Utilities, and Other Underground Situations
    Site a standard well
    Locate an artesian well
    Divert water (to a dry well, around a building, etc.)
    Diagnose water problems (contamination type/source)
    Find drip/sprinkler lines or buried heads
    Find water pipes
    Find sewer lines
    Locate septic tanks
    Locate water leaks
    Find underground streams
    Locate underground electric lines
    Locate underground gas lines
    Locate underground telephone lines
    Locate fault lines
    Find buried mines and booby-traps
    Locate minerals
    Locate oil
    Locate caves and underground caverns
    Find buried or hidden treasure
  • Automobiles
    Choose a mechanic
    Diagnose automobile problem
    Select the best car to buy
    Select the best rental car company to use
    Find a parking space
    Find where you parked your car
  • Dowsing & Animals
    Talk with your pets
    Check the health of your pets
    Choose a veterinarian
    Find location of imbalance in an animal’s body
    Select best treatment
    Determine best medication dosage
    Clear emotional issues (those generated by pet or pet’s owner)
    Balance animal’s health condition
    Choose most beneficial food
    Find lost pets
  • Geomancy/Noxious Energies/Feng Shui
    Locate noxious zones
    Clear /neutralize noxious earth energies
    Determine source of noxious energies in an environment
    Trace noxious energy waves/streams
    Measure electromagnetic fields of appliances/equipment/electronics
    Measure electromagnetic fields of power lines/transformers
    Locate hidden cellular antennas
    Measure field strength of electromagnetic sources
    Measure level of benefit/harm of energy fields to health & well-being
    Determine best treatment for noxious energy situations
    Track chi flow through an environment
    Determine best method to balance chi in an environment
    Test for chemicals/molds/gases in the environment
    Find power spots (beneficial & detrimental)
    Locate/trace beneficial & detrimental spirals
    Create beneficial power spots
    Increase strength and range of beneficial power spots
    Talk to the earth and to the spirits of the land
  • Business
    Select best potential clients to approach
    Select most effective marketing plan
    Raise prosperity energy in home/office
    Select best suppliers to use
    Select best dates to schedule events/interviews/other
    Select best employment candidates
    Select ideal job/career
    Select best investments to make
    Check the success potential of your business ideas
  • Communicating with the Spirit Realm
    Clear negative spirits & entities (from land, houses, people, pets, objects)
    Talk to spirit guides and other inter-dimensional beings
    Help spirits cross over
    Locate dwelling places of Ancient Spirits & Devas
    Learn about past lives
  • Miscellaneous
    Lower crime rates in your town
    Reduce air and water pollution
    Raise the level of respect in an environment
    Check the weather
    Change the weather
    Find a trail
    Find your way out of the desert/forest when lost
    Locate lost objects (keys, jewelry, etc.)
    Find missing persons
    Locate archaeological sites
    Interpret archaeological sites/rock art
    Select the right & perfect place to live (geographic location)
    Select the right & perfect house to buy or rent
    Determine most appropriate time tables (for anything)
    Choose the best restaurant
    Select the best seminar to attend
    Determine accuracy (of the information in a book, of a theory about
    something, etc.)
    Determine the likelihood of a certain outcome

Would you like to purchase a Pendulum?  Click HERE.

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Pretty Pink Quartz Pendulum

Have you ever used a pendulum?  They are wonderful and popular form of Dowsing.  You are only limited by the depth of your questions. 

I find Raymon Grace a wonderful guide and source of Dowsing knowledge and would highly recommend him.

If you would like to purchase a pendulum or see more pendulums please click HERE.


The Language Of Light

WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT? Communication!  It is the Language of the Universe.

A language that is not confined and restricted in limitations of words. It is colour, sound, tones, vibration, frequency, movement, music, light, and feelings.

It is the radiance personified in the Glory of Who We Are. This Language is all encompassing, all directional, all dimensional, multi levelled and multi-layered. It is instantaneous and totally comprehendible all in an instant.

It has no boundaries or limitations. It is the Language of the Angels and Higher Realms of the Universes and Galaxies. It cannot be distorted or misrepresented.

It is Honourable and stands on Its own Integrity. It is the Voice of Home. The Voice of the All That Is! The blank is the expression of the Language, indicating that it is formless. It is Emptiness, the centre of All in All.

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The Return of the Language of Light

Activate Your Divine DNA

Humanity has recently rediscovered the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – also known as the Language of Light. They are part of the Sound Codes of the Ancients, a sacred technology which activates the DNA of your Divine Blueprint.

Through the grace of this rediscovery, these expressions of higher communication are available to us once again, through music, sound and intentional awareness. We have been given these frequencies to ACTIVELY USE THEM as tools for our ascension – to transform us and reach new levels of consciousness.

Rama has meditated on and studied these frequencies for the past 2 years. He has seen testament of the power of these frequencies for deep transformation. Now he has tuned into each frequency and created music so that these transformative tools can be easily integrated into your life.

The Six original Frequencies include:

UT 396 Hz – For Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – For Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – For Transformation, Miracles & DNA Repair
FA – 639 Hz – For Connecting & Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – For Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – For Returning to Spiritual Order

We will work with other Solfeggios, as well as the Angelic frequencies (111, 222, 333 etc) as they relate to the Solfeggio scale.

Why would you use ‘The Language of Light’?

  • For the transmutation of negativity
  • To open portals of light for you to access your Divine potential
  • To facilitate – and enjoy! – a sense of balance and harmony
  • To align you with your inner energy expression.

Each expression of sound is a way that we may access deeper levels of our consciousness and free any blocked energy. When energy flows freely we become aware of new choices and have a clear space within from which to make changes.

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Raymon Grace Interview 23-1-12

If you are interested in working with energy, clearing energy, healing with energy, or dowsing, you may find THIS INTERVIEW with Raymon Grace very thought provoking and inspiring!

(That link will allow you to download the whole interview free from my personal Mediafire acct.)

Talking Alarm Clock For Your Computer

Have you ever wanted a talking alarm clock for your computer?  This little program is a fantastic little reminder program.

It’s easy to use, and you can choose the program to speak your reminders to you if you want.  You can set reminders as a once only event, a daily event, or every day for a certain amount of days.

Set reminders to pay bills, take medication, make important phone calls, I even use it to remind me when things need to be taken out of the oven, or for when the news on TV is about to start.  You can program it to daily read out a positive affirmation to you.  It’s only limited by your creativity!

It’s one of my most useful and favourite tools on my computer.

You can download this fantastic tool and this nifty little program from this link. Which is a link to my personal mediafire account, where I have the program stored for sharing.


Smudging is wonderful. Truly. Try it and you’ll become a convert, I’m almost willing to bet. I love it because it’s the simplest yet most incredibly effective form of space clearing available.

It takes just five minutes to learn the basics and you’re off. Obviously the more you do it, the more sophisticated you become, but it really is entry-level metaphysics, esoteric practice condensed into a few fool-proof actions. Most importantly it really works.

To read the rest of this wonderful article, click here.

In this video a modern day exorcist discusses the value and importance of smudging with Sage, Frankincense and sweet smelling incenses.

Clearing Negative Energy With Raymon Grace

Raymon Grace is one of the most down to earth, well known, experienced doswers around.  The following videos are good introduction to the ideas he works with and the techniques he uses with his pendulum.

This following series of videos is very through provoking, and he is very kind to share this video of his, normally for sale, for free with everyone on youtube, for the good of All.

You can do all the work he is doing with his pendulum in this video, with a pair of L Rods just fine as well.

Blue Print For Freedom by Raymon Grace Part I

Blue Print For Freedom by Raymon Grace Part II

Blueprint For Freedom By Raymon Grace Part III

Blueprint For Freedom By Raymon Grace Part III

Blue Print for Freedom by Raymon Grace Part V

Blueprint For Freedom By Raymon Grace Part VI

Blue Print for Freedom by Raymon Grace Part VII

Blueprint For Freedom by Raymon Grace Part VIII

Raymon Grace’s booklet ‘Techniques That Work For Me‘ is very affordable, I’d highly recommend it!







Astrology on youtube

Have you ever looked up your astrological sign and forecast on youtube? 

There are some talented Astrologers on youtube sharing with us every week.

I find Maria DeSimone always so positive and uplifting.  She gives just the pertinent facts with each forecast, short and to the point and I’d highly recommend you investigate her forecasts.

One of my other favourite youtube astrology channels, with more in depth weekly updates is Lada Duncheva. She really knows her stuff.

Kelley Rosano is another astrologer I’d recoommend.  But.  You’ll find a lot of Astrology now on youtbe, and it’s great!