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It is well known that colors can greatly influence our psycho-emotional state. Have you ever tried to “amplify” your moods by choosing the color of your surroundings?
For example if you want to “amplify” feelings of depression, stress, tension, hopelessness etc.. – you can try to wear black, gray, brown or other murky colors. The effect of murky colors on your mood (subconscious mind) seems to be similar in essence to the perpetual sight of a thoroughly gray sky. Some people report that when they are surrounded with murky colors, they need significant effort to overcome all negative feelings that may come to their mind. What about you?

To assist yourself in feeling better, joyful, more energetic – you can try to surround yourself with clean, joyful colors. You can go to Hawaii, Bahamas, or Gold Coast in Australia to experience the difference. Or you can try to learn to use colors that surround you.

Years of research at Bioresonant seem to suggest that colors worn directly on our skin may have potentially significant effects on our psycho-emotional state. This observation is based on direct measurements of human state using bio-electrography.

From our tests it seems that in an effort to achieve the positive colour stimulation, it is best to:

* use pure “rainbow like” (near-monochromatic) colors
* achieve a certain balance/harmony between all colors from IR to UV
* create interference patterns between specific wavelengths of light

Accomplishing all of the above requirements simultaneously is not easy. For this reason, we created special, scientifically developed fabrics and designed clothes that can be worn every day. Our aim is to design wearable harmonious compositions of colours that can “RESONATE” with your body and mind much like a good music can. Is it possible? We invite you to discover the difference yourself.


The first 11 shirts were made in January 1997 – after a year of intensive research. Limited production started on 20 February 1997. At present the 4-th generation is shipping. Research and development continues. Observations below are chosen from people’s letters, with their consent.Common experiences reported by people wearing Bioresonant Chakra Shirts

  • Unusual hot and cold sensations, shivers and tingles down the spine, “wind” through the body at chakras
  • Better mood, feeling of relaxation and excitement
  • More frequent smile for no apparent reason (often noticed by their friends and family first)
  • Stronger aura (stimulated electro-photonic glow), ability to see auras of other people better
  • Improved and deeper meditation
  • Enhancement of spiritual and intellectual activity (have you seen discoveries of Dr Chalko, who has been wearing bioresonant patterns for many years everyday?)
  • Young children (few months to 5 years of age) seem to look ABOVE me and smile

People say
Tom g’day, i received my chakra shirt on friday last week and it is unreal. I sleep in it, meditate in it and instead of taking it off after meditating in the morning when i don’t have to go to uni until about 2, i don’t want to take it off. I think i’ll have to get another in the future or a singlet to wear to bed. Cheers keep up the research! D.J , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 14 Sept 1998

Tried on the shirt at once…..amazing!…..there was a kind of wind blowing just below the pectoral muscles, near the heart Chakra. It felt cleaning and very pleasant..truly amazing! C.J Amsterdam. Feb 2000

Hi Tom! đŸ™‚ Got the Chakra Shirt you sent me yesterday…been wearing it all day long, and it makes me feel great! Its not an effect you notice immediately, but rather, when you look back at how you were feeling half an hour ago, you feel a total difference…light, kinda happy, and tranquil… Thanks a gazillion! đŸ™‚ C.L. , Easton, PA, USA, 29 March 1998

I have been wearing your Chakra Shirt as a night shirt for a week now. Previously, I would wake up feeling stiff and achy, particularly my neck. I changed mattresses, pillows, tried to readjust everything about my sleeping habits, but nothing seemed to help. After sleeping in my chakra shirt, I began to awaken feeling refreshed and energized – what a difference! I am also having very vivid dreams and remembering them in detail. Thanks for my Chakra shirt – I plan to wear it during my next massage to deepen the relaxation. R.U., Marlboro, NJ, USA, 30 Sept. 1997

When I put my Auric Shirt on for the first time, I felt like crying from sensations impossible to explain. When George and I hugged while both of us were wearing our shirts, we both felt incredible energy and warmth. I feel a wonderful sense of calm, warmth, with a slight chill, though not cold. I feel more spiritually connected. I don’t want to take it off ! Marie M, Hartford, CT, USA, 13 Feb. 1997

  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I just got the Auric Garment in the mail and put it on. I haven’t been able to stop smiling. Every time I look in the mirror I start grinning from ear to ear. I felt a little tearful and joyful at the same time. You all have really done it. As far as I am concerned this Garment is wonderful. I don’t know how it may change, dissipate or be additive. I feel more energetic and flexible. I feel nurtured and energized from many different angles. It feels gentle and steady. It feels dependable rather than fleeting. Thank you for all of your work. Val Vaughn Lee Logan, Ph.D., C.C.H., Living Ultimate Values, 4286 Redwood Hwy #367, San Rafael, CA 94903-2686 U.S.A. phone: 415-479-4224 FAX 415-490-0750, 3 Sept. 1997

I opened the parcel with my Auric Shirt, right in the Post Office and drove away in a hurry. Then I stopped to put the shirt on. Honestly, I did not anticipate to feel anything special, because I expected the shirt to look differently. However, within a few seconds I was overwhelmed and moved to tears. The feeling was so strong, that I found it dangerous to drive a car in such a state and I needed a few minutes to get use to it. Well done Tom. I did not expect you to get SO far with Auric Garment technology on Earth. Michel Desmarquet, author of “Thiaoouba Prophecy” Cairns, Australia , 12 Feb. 1997

I can feel all my cells vibrating more intensely, and in particular chi current is stronger. After two days and nights I had to take the Shirt off on the third night, to get some rest from the intensity of the energy. I have it on again now as I have a lot of work to do at the centre. Shannon, SUMA Ching Hai Meditation Centre, Brisbane, Australia, Jan. 1998

I saw pictures of Chakra Shirts, how colourful they are, but when I actually saw them, I was truly impressed by the designs, the colours and patterns. Actually, I’m wearing the shirt right now, and a little while ago, I noticed that there are different languages on the outer diamonds, (my dad knows some Japanese) actually phonetically pronouncing the English (another phonetic:)! I saw Japanese, Hebrew, Greek and English, but what are the other two? Impressive! A.F. , NJ, USA, Jan. 1998

When I wear the Shirt, I feel the energy flowing, the sensation is both on the physical level (like warm and cold shower at the same time), and also on the higher, conscious level. I feel like a child, happy in the moment, and I am like a magnet to the children, who cannot let me go, feeling incredibly close. They feel the energy, maybe cannot express it in words, but their behaviour speaks by itself. Yesterday I felt beginning of a cold (coughing and fatigue), so I put the Shirt on, and the symptoms disappeared almost immediately. I try to wear the Shirt at night (that is when my daughter is not wearing it), and in the morning I feel reenergized, coping much better with my daily tasks. After I come back from work (which is rather energy draining) this is the first thing I do – I put on the Shirt, and then I can regain quite high level of well being pretty quickly to enjoy family life! The Shirt is unbelievable! Katherine M. CT, USA, 20 Feb. 1997

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Frequently asked questions about Aura Enhancing bio-resonant T-shirts.

What is Bioresonant?
Bioresonant® is a scientifically developed method of color stimulation. Results of measurements of human bio-energy field using bio-electrography seem to indicate that such a stimulation can initiate positive and systematic improvements to human bio-energy state. How does it work?
Color is the key. Colors (wavelengths of Light) are tuned and matched specifically to achieve the best possible contrast as perceived by human senses. Harmonious compositions of such contrasts (Bioresonant® patterns) seem to induce the best systematic positive changes to human electro-photonic bio-energy field as measured by bio-electrography.

What does it do?
Bioresonant® technology provides tuned high frequency color massage that gently stimulates our body and mind. There is no power supply, other than the body heat and the associated radiation that human body emits naturally.

What is Bioresonance?
In bio-resonant garments, vibrations of light (colors) are scientifically tuned and combined in an effort to resonate with electro-photonic bio-emissions of the human body, of which body heat is a part of. Multi-color patterns worn directly on skin seem to cause considerable stimulation and coherent improvement of our bio-emissions, as measured by bio-electrography, which is the phenomenon that Dr. Chalko calls “bio-resonance”.

What is the main effect of Bioresonance?
According to bio-electrographic measurements, our bodies seem to “glow” stronger and more coherently, when systematically assisted by a correct color stimulation. You are welcome to try out how it actually feels.

What about wearing black?
Bio-electrography measurements seem to suggest that wearing black creates weakening and fragmenting of our electro-photonic bio-energy field. In view of the evidence collected by Dr. Chalko using bio-electrography, wearing and promoting black clothes seems to be an act against human Nature and well being.

Do I need to look at my shirt to achieve bioresonance?
Bio-electrography measurements seem to suggest, that the most significant, and the most effective is what we wear directly on our skin. Worn on the skin, bio-resonant clothing seems to provide a continuous “color acupuncture” to our body. Since “spectral mirrors” on bio-resonant fabric interact directly with our body, they work equally efficiently during the day, night, or even when people are blindfolded, which has been confirmed by bio-electrography.

Give me one reason to buy a Bioresonant® Shirt
Consider helping yourself using color stimulation. From Dr. Chalko’s research, it seems that we can improve our state of well being by choosing appropriate color stimulation. The more gloomy, grey and depressing our environment is, the more important is the compensation achieved by wearing bio-resonant clothes next to our skin.

Why bioresonant t-shirts are so expensive?
They are hand-made in Mt Best, Australia. No children in Asia are exploited to make bioresonant t-shirts. If you find a method to manufacture bioresonant t-shirts any cheaper without exploiting children in Asia, please let us know.

I feel uneasy about giving my credit card over the internet
Consider sending your order by MAIL. From the shopping cart select “Mail ordering” for detailed instructions. We can also accept PayPal. Please contact us for details.

Do you have a 1-800 number?
Sorry, no 1-800 number at present. We operate from Mt Best, Australia. You can MAIL your order. From the shopping cart select “Mail ordering” for detailed instructions.

Do you accept checks/money orders?
No. Paypal is a possibility. Please contact us for details.

Bio-resonant garment contains ALL colors. Would wearing WHITE also work?
Our research seems to suggest that the most stimulating is a distinct CHANGE of well-defined light frequencies. Not only is white a terrible and chaotic mix of frequencies, but our body and mind quickly get used to it. When we get used to something – it doesn’t stimulate us at all. Our perception works on contrast. White by itself provides none. Results of some independent University studies seem to indicate that the best thing to do with white (and also black) garments is to take them OFF.

What is the “strongest” acting color?
It seems that colors that have a significant positive effect are “clean” colors. Nothing murky or muddy. Scientifically, such clean colors are called monochromatic. Our tests seem to suggest that no color is essentially better than any other. What seems the most effective is a CHANGE of colors next to our skin. This is why bio-resonant garment contains particularly arranged mix of colors.

How long does the positive effect of the shirt last?
The positive effect seems to continue for some time after the bioresonant shirt is taken off, although we are not yet sure for how long. Do you know anyone who knows for how long does the effect of an acupuncture treatment last? We recommend wearing Bioresonant® Shirt regularly.

Can I wear the shirt inside out?
Of course. Some people noticed an increased effect, when they placed intensive colors inside. Experiment with your shirt. New designs are made wearable inside-out, although they do not look particularly spectacular when worn that way.

The shirt is SO colorful. How do I wash it so that all colors remain vivid?
Washing in non-bleaching detergent and in cold/warm water is recommended. In USA we recommend CHEERS detergent. People who use CHEERS reported that they washed their shirt for 12 months every week and it still looks great. For best results wash your shirt inside out.

To read more about bio-resonant T-shirts and order one for yourself, please go to this link!