Honey Jar Spell

The famous Honey Jar Spell.  This folk spell has such a long history it’s roots are buried in the mists of time.

Honey being a naturally sweet substance can be used in your magick to help sweeten up a bitter person or situation. Honey is also used in physical healing, having many medicinal properties, and it also carries powerful metaphysical healing properties.

If you have a person or situation that requires healing or sweetening up, simply write their name or a description of the situation, or a prayer or spiritual request on a piece of paper.  You can include a photograph or something belonging to a person,  or  items that energetically connect the things in the jar of honey to the place, person or purpose.  After the items have been inserted into the jar of honey, cap it securely and put it in out of the way place.  Seal it with tape to be sure it will never leak.

Holding the jar in your hands, you can visualize the target of the spell sweetening up and/or healing. This is a time to say positive affirmations out loud, prayers or a spell chant.  To do this daily keeps the energy flowing strongly.

You can program a piece of clear quartz to continually send and manifest the energies of sweetness and healing to the intention, affirmation, situation, person or photo that you’ve put in the jar of honey, and put that inside the jar of honey as well.

clear quartz crystal

The flower of life symbol is a very pure and powerful symbol, one found in most ancient temples and churches.  You could print one out and put that in the honey as well. 

Flower of Life

You could ask for an Angel to be assigned to your jar of honey to assist the outcome of your intentions forever.  All prayers are heard, and are very powerful, and Angels love to help!

Beautiful Angel

If you want to check if the spiritual work you’ve done on your jar of honey is operative and working, you can check it with a pendulum. 

This spell can sit for as long as it needs to, for as long as you like!  When you feel the magick has worked, you can dismantle the spell or dispose of the whole jar if you want to.

You might not want any labels on the jar of honey.  To have the vibrations of your jar of honey and your spell pure it’s best to remove any manufacturer’s labels.  The only thing I know of that dissolves label glue easily is Eucalyptus Oil which is easily obtained.  I buy mine in the supermarket as it’s often used to rub on the chest or breathe in steam when one has a cold.   A health food store would also stock it.


I tried this spell recently for the first time, and I feel that I am seeing phenonemal results!  Very quickly.  Like.  Instantly.

I asked for a clear confirmation that my honey jar spell was active and manifest, for instance, and had an interesting coincidence.  I did my first honey jar spell for my love and I.  He knew nothing about it.  I was watching a video on youtube, and my love was in the kitchen, in view of my seat at my computer.  He interupted me to tell me something, so I paused my youtube video, and he said the word ‘honey’ in a very pronounced way.  I thought, ok, he said the word, honey to me in a line of conversation, the day I happened to have done my first honey jar spell.  That could just be coincidence. 

I then turned back to my video, restarting it from where I’d paused it, and the first thing THAT person said, was ‘honey’!!!  In a totally different context.  This had my attention.  There was the clear confirmation I had asked for.  And I have to say, I’ve been getting more love, sex and affection than ever!!!  Another lovely confirmation.  I’m eager to do more honey jars now for other special intentions, as I see the healing possibilties VERY clearly. 

I remember that line when it comes to honey:  miles of flight, in every bite.  I’ve always loved that phrase. Little honey bees are so sweet.   I wish you the sweet results that I have been having, for your Honey Jar Spell!  Let me know how it goes!

If you have any questions regarding your honey jar spell, please leave a comment below this post.  I would especially like to hear about any of your success stories, your tips or your advice on working with the Honey Jar Spell.

If it’s a private matter for you, send email to info@dayandnightpyshics.com with Honey Jar Spell in the subject line.