Clearing secondhand jewellery energetically.

Shankari ringShankari Ring.

I read today that one can not remove the vibrations of the previous owners from secondhand gold rings, silver rings and mineral ores.  Their energy cannot be released from the piece of jewellery.

I wear an amethyst ring my late mother used to own, and I have been adventuring into Dowsing in 2011.  I energetically cleansed this ring of my mother’s vibrations when I first started wearing it.  Puzzled I went back to it, and ask my L rods if the amethyst ring on my left hand still held any vibrations belonging to my mother .  It clearly said no.

So I would tend to disagree with this person who said you can never remove the energy of past owners from pieces of jewellery!  On an intuitive level, if this ring still held my mother’s vibrations, I would sense it.  To me it senses clear, and my dowsing tools agree with me!

pendulm dowsing

To clear a piece of secondhand Jewellery, you can hold it in your hands and either intend, or pray.  Ask The Source Of All Divine Love and Truth, or whatever you reguarly call upon, to clear the item of any and ALL frquencies and vibrations that are not yours.  Ask that all negative frequencies be located and removed and transmuted into 5th dimensional energy.  Ask that and void created be filled with The White Light Of Divine Love.  If you do reiki, reiki it. 

You can ask that it be made to be a channel for reiki energy.  The item will from then on give you reiki energy when you need a boost, and, being a channel for reiki energy, it will make sure the item is always clear of negative energies, that it can never hold negative energies. 

Ask that the energy of the item, be permanently balanced and stabilised at these newest levels, now and forever, in the name of whatever you believe is the Pure Source. 

Check it with your pendulum or dowsing tool, and see if your prayers, intentions, programming and calling upon your Spiritual Cheersquad to help you clear the item, has worked!  I bet it did!

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